Weekly Summary 5

This week’s photography assignments were fun. Starting with the 3 visual assignments I did, I chose Apophenia9 Lives, and Bucket List. Those were all very interesting to do.

The daily creates for this week were interesting and mine can be found here.

I just recently found out my group for the radio project so today I commented on two posts on each of their blogs. My comments on Mitchell’s blog are here and here. On Benjamin’s blog I commented on this and this visual assignment. For Rachel’s posts I left a comment on her visual assignment and this one. Tori’s assignment was very interesting, as well as this one.

My photoblitz assignment was one of my favorite. It was challenging but it showed me different elements of photography and how to capture specific things.


I took the suggestions to spice up my flickr. I go into detail about the changes I made in this post.

This week definitely came with some challenges. The first challenge was that I didn’t find out about my radio show group until this morning so I had to get caught up with everything included in that. The second challenge came when trying to embed a flicker photostream into my blog. I don’t know if I’ve done it correctly at this point but I followed multiple different tutorials and ended with the same results each time. I learned that when completing photography assignments, it’s important to look at things with an open mind and be open to many different interpretations of one thing. I did enjoy the photography theme of this week a lot more than I liked the audio from last week. Even the visual assignments we had to do were more fun than the audio ones from last week. I would have enjoyed doing more than eight stars worth of visual assignments because when looking at all the different choices there were many that stood out to me. Getting feedback from group members was very helpful and I think it will be good working with these individuals on the radio project. All in all, this was a very good week in ds106 and I’m excited to see what next week brings!


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