Weekly Summary 2

This week was very exciting! I enjoyed all the things we had to do this week and the difficulties I came across helped me learn more about blogging and other online applications.

 I had trouble when completing the storytelling assignment but it was also the assignment I enjoyed most. Before this I had never made a GIF or even tried make one. I ran into some difficulties when trying to turn the video clip into a GIF but once I figured it out it was a fairly simple process.  I also enjoyed adding new plugins to my blog. It was interesting to learn how to install each one and what they do. My favorite plugin is the Jetpack plugin which posts each new blog post I make to my Twitter.

The daily creates for this week were very fun and I enjoyed thinking how how to creatively complete the assignment. My favorite one was the birthday song. Although I am not a good singer by any means, I attempted to create my own version of a happy birthday song to avoid copyright issues when using the song Happy Birthday. That’s something new I learned this week; that it can cost up to ten thousand dollars to use the song in a production because of copyrighting.

In addition to the Birthday song daily create, I also did the Project Seen on Monday, the beautiful place on Friday, and my visual interpretation of the quote about time.

If I could do anything from this week differently, I would redo all my daily creates just to see what new things I could come up with.

Overall, I really enjoyed all of the assignments for this week and I am looking forward to next week!

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