Radio Show Reflection

How did your group go about choosing a theme and organizing itself?

Our group used Canvas discussions to share ideas and organize our show. The theme, Wacky History, was chosen after everyone agreed that it would be a fun and interesting theme.

  • What was the easiest/hardest part of working as a group?

The easiest part of working as a group was choosing which bumper and commercial would be used in the show. We all voted on a poll to decide which ones would be used.

The hardest part of working in a group was communicating with everyone and trying to decide if/when we were going to meet up once we got everyone included into the discussions.

  • How did you decide upon your own contribution to the show ?

My contribution included making sure I gave my input in the discussions and further talking with Rachel about how we would divide our segment. We met up and spent a few hours finding information and recording it together.

  • How do you feel your show holds together as a whole? Do you feel like you achieved your goals in terms of the story your group set out to tell?

The show as a whole works well! Our goal was to give the history of random items and we did a good job of that.

3 thoughts on “Radio Show Reflection”

  1. I really enjoy how your group chose a certain theme for your radio show. Our radio show just went along the lines of horror so i enjoyed how you discussed how you chose Wacky History as your topic. I hope to hear your show, and hear all the random history facts you put in your show.

  2. It seems that your group was quite…organized. It would appear you had quite a bit of fun putting this together. An enthusiastic creator leads to an…energetic product.

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