This assignment was a lot of fun! I chose to do this in my room because there is such a variety of objects in there that I thought it wouldn’t be too hard trying to find things to take photos of for each different thing. The time limit made it more of a challenge because I wanted to be as creative as possible but I had to keep in mind that I only had twenty minutes to get it all done. The photos are all in a flickr  album but I have included them individually to describe what they represent.


The only significance of the first photo is to show the time stamp when I started.


An open door to represent the feeling of “openness”

Someone else's hand

Someone else’s hand

Unusual angle

An upside down photo is a quite unusual angle

Dark tones

The contents of my closet which emphasize mostly dark tones

Two things that don't go

The final photo is two things that don’t go together ; an athletic build and a dainty lace dress. This one also includes the time stamp to show that I finished in 20 minutes.

My favorites would have to be the photo that emphasizes mostly dark tones and two things that do not belong together. I tend to wear a lot of dark colors so that accurately shows the contents of my closet which has an emphasis on dark tones. For two things that do not belong together, it took me a while to think of things that don’t “belong together”. I though of strange food pairings but I thought of fashion because I have a passion for fashion. I knew the outfit of the dress with the sneakers did not belong together but I wanted to take it one step further and have my very muscular girlfriend put on the dress to show that the dress didn’t “belong” on her.


When looking at other people’s photoblitz I found a few of them to be very interesting.  Stephanie King’sBenjamin Brady’s, and Miles Davis’.





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  1. You did a great job at nailing each of the items on the list. I really liked your idea of openness. I would have never thought of using an open door but now it makes so much sense. #talkingpolack106

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