Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able

Listening to Wesch’s perspective on the influence of technology and its impact on the world made me think of things differently. As the importance of technology continues to grow its important that we use it to benefit us and the growth of cultures around the world.

In his presentation, Wesch states that media are not just tools or means of communication but media mediates relationships. Its important to keep that in mind during this course as we establish our presence and create our space online  because everything we do online will have some sort of impact. It could be positive meaning that the information posted will be beneficial to someone else or it could be harmful and do more damage that good for others. In either situation media is used as a way to connect people and establish relationships.

On the topic of education, he presents the idea of moving from being knowledgeable which is knowing and memorizing information to being knowledge-able which is the students’ ability to sort and analyze new information. He says that with the use of technology and online sources becoming more prevalent in  education, it is important for students to be able to think critically about what they’re learning online. Students also need to be “information literate” when learning and know what is credible, factual information and what is just there for entertainment and has no educational value.

The topics discussed by Wesch are relevant to me as a student because the internet plays a big role in my education. This course, for example, is entirely online so that means I have to make sure I’m always analyzing the sources I use and the information I post. It’s very easy to get caught up in using information that may not be entirely true and that’s because it takes less work to post the first piece of relevant material rather than searching for the best piece to fit the requirements of the assignment which is the most educationally beneficial.

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  1. I fully agree with you on posting relevant and factual information, and how it’s so much easier to post the first information you see rather than look through various sources. I think that’s something that the internet and digital media has the biggest problem with. There’s just so much information, you have to spend time finding out what’s right and has facts to back it up and is the most recent information, etc. etc. It’s definitely something I find myself struggling with, considering how vast and fast the internet moves nowadays. You definitely have some interesting views on this!

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