Flickr Pimping

I looked at the suggestions to spice up my flickr and I did most of them. The first one I did was customizing my URL. wk5

I also posted through my email which I though was a very cool feature of flickr. The photo I uploaded this way was just a random photo I took of a canvas with a quote painted onto it.


I set up sharing for my Twitter account so now all my flickr posts will be uploaded to my Twitter.

I created my Best Set of photos which I like to call Selfies and Scenery because that’s all it is. The selfies in the set were taken on days that are very significant to me and the scenery included is of the sunset taken over the water in my hometown and the other was taken in Central Park the first time I visited New York City.

To embed my photostream into a post, I went to Google to find a website that would show me how to do it. This is the one I used and it gives step by step instructions on how to embed a flickr photostream into a blog post.





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