Digital StoryFellas: A Review

The radio show I had to review was Digital StoryFellas.

Overall the audio was good but levels aren’t even at some point and there are fluctuation of volumes.  As a whole the show was clear of unnecessary background noises except for one small part. The audio editing was average, you can tell each part was recorded separately because of the changes in volume.

Very good use of sound effects, especially in the sports section, the noises fit the theme and they don’t last too long and aren’t too loud that you can’t hear what he’s saying. The sound effects used effectively transition from each segment. Music works well with the show, not too loud and played at appropriate times. I like the use of music as a “commercial”, it made it seem like a real radio show.

The show does have a structure. Each guy is telling a story about a specific subject and they provide enough information to keep you engaged but not too much that you lose interest.

I’m guessing that the story it tells is just highlighting certain current events. The motivational segment at the end is nice. The music fits with the topic of the segment.

Overall I would rate this show 4.5/5



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