Daily Create Story

Here’s a little story about the week I had. I, Cheryl, wanted to take a day trip this week. I decided to get dressed up real nice and go to the local art museum to check out the Picasso tribute they had this month. I woke up Thursday morning, put on my Crocs and got my day started. I arrived at the museaum, paid the outrageously expensive admission fee and started viewing some art. I looked at some paintings by Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Leonardo da Vinci. I was amazed by the talent and skill shown by these paintings! I got to the Pablo Picasso piece, the one I looked forward to most, The Old Guitarist. As soon as I saw it, I noticed something was missing.  It appeared that The Old Guitarist had lost his guitar! I was so saddened by this terrible mishap that I ran out of there and went straight home. Once I got home I was so inspired by the art I’d seen that day that I decided to make some art of my own. The song I was listening to, Hotline Bling by Drake, inspired me to make a picture based on the lyrics. I felt like it turned out great so I tweeted it so all my friends could see it.

All the activities from that day drained all my energy so I decided to take a nap. I laid in bed and closed my eyes but as soon as I did, my phone got a notification. It was a text from my friend Chantel telling me that one of our mutual friends Cathy saw my artwork that I tweeted and said that it was horrible! Hearing that made me so sad that I cried myself to sleep and vowed to never attempt to do art again.

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