What we have here is a failure to communicate

While trying to think of movie scenes  that would work for the visual assignment Say It Like The Peanut Butter, I knew I wanted something that had action but was also meaningful. I decided to explore movies that were made over thirty years ago because it would allow me to use a scene that not many of my peers are familiar with. The movie I chose to use was Cool Hand Luke (1967) which I saw for the first time three years ago when I was really interested in older movies.

Luke(Paul Newman) is a very stubborn prisoner who is always saying and doing things to get himself in trouble. In this scene, Luke is being chained at the ankles after getting in trouble and the warden tells Luke that putting him in the chains is for his own good. Luke replies with a sarcastic comment which results in him getting hit by the warden who then says to the other prisoners, “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”.


The Process

After deciding what movie scene I wanted to use I had to learn how to make a GIF. I read a couple different tutorials on how to make one. I started with the post in the ds106 Handbook and from that I learned I had to download the video onto my desktop. Still following the procedure in the post in the ds106 Handbook, I tried to use MPEG Streamclip but this is where I ran into trouble. I couldn’t figure out how to use it once I downloaded it onto my computer.ds106

To make the actual GIF I used MakeAGIF.com which required me to upload the video clip I downloaded from Youtube and choose how long I wanted the GIF to be. Capture After the GIF was made I saved it and transferred it over to ezgif.com to crop out the empty black space around the GIF.

It wasn’t too hard of a process once I figured out a way to do it that made sense to me.





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