Appreciating A Past Story

The story I chose to focus on was the final project about the broke college student by Omar Aminzay. I like this story because even though its very short it uses multiple digital platforms to help tell the story. The title is what drew me in because I can relate to being a sophomore in college with money troubles.

I would consider it to be a digital story because not only does it include words but he added in an audio clip of a conversation, a visual image of an event in the story and a video to further explain his point. Given the Wikipedia definition of digital storytelling , Omar uses a couple of the elements to make his story a digital one by definition.

The story does have an arc being that the plot starts off with background information and it seems to go from one low point to another before finally reaching a high point at the end, which isn’t even too high of an ending point considering all he had to experience to get to that point. With the way this story ends I think it works on it’s own because it comes full circle and it tells all the obstacles he went through before reaching a solution to the initial problem.

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