Signing Words

This 4 star assignment required us to take a video of ourselves finger spelling a word that was bigger than 5 letters. I chose a short phrase that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

My thinking behind the assignment was that I’ve never done anything that involved using ASL so it would be interesting to learn something simple. To make the opening and closing sequences, I used windows Movie Maker. I didn’t do any special editing to the video other than adding the opening and credits.

Weekly Summary 9

I feel like this week was very easy compared to the amount of work we’ve had in the previous weeks!

First was the evaluation of radio shows. I shared my thoughts on the Digital StoryFellas show and my group’s show, Wacky History. My reflections can be found here and here, respectively.

Next was the Storytelling Within the Web assignment. This was probably my favorite assignment because I had no idea how easy it was to change a specific feature of a webpage.

For the other web assignments, I made a Pinterest board and a website tutorial.

The daily creates had to be made into a story, mine can be found here. I provided links to each daily create within the story.



A Wacky Review

Wacky History is as simple as it sounds. Our group focused on the history or random, wacky objects. We all did our segments separately so it was nice to hear how they all came together in the end. I honestly have nothing negative to say about the show and I would rate it 5/5 stars. If I had anything to criticize it would be the production process rather than the show itself. When assigned a group project, it’s always tough to get things started but once everyone works together and gets things done as a group, it works out in the end.

Digital StoryFellas: A Review

The radio show I had to review was Digital StoryFellas.

Overall the audio was good but levels aren’t even at some point and there are fluctuation of volumes.  As a whole the show was clear of unnecessary background noises except for one small part. The audio editing was average, you can tell each part was recorded separately because of the changes in volume.

Very good use of sound effects, especially in the sports section, the noises fit the theme and they don’t last too long and aren’t too loud that you can’t hear what he’s saying. The sound effects used effectively transition from each segment. Music works well with the show, not too loud and played at appropriate times. I like the use of music as a “commercial”, it made it seem like a real radio show.

The show does have a structure. Each guy is telling a story about a specific subject and they provide enough information to keep you engaged but not too much that you lose interest.

I’m guessing that the story it tells is just highlighting certain current events. The motivational segment at the end is nice. The music fits with the topic of the segment.

Overall I would rate this show 4.5/5



Daily Create Story

Here’s a little story about the week I had. I, Cheryl, wanted to take a day trip this week. I decided to get dressed up real nice and go to the local art museum to check out the Picasso tribute they had this month. I woke up Thursday morning, put on my Crocs and got my day started. I arrived at the museaum, paid the outrageously expensive admission fee and started viewing some art. I looked at some paintings by Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, and Leonardo da Vinci. I was amazed by the talent and skill shown by these paintings! I got to the Pablo Picasso piece, the one I looked forward to most, The Old Guitarist. As soon as I saw it, I noticed something was missing.  It appeared that The Old Guitarist had lost his guitar! I was so saddened by this terrible mishap that I ran out of there and went straight home. Once I got home I was so inspired by the art I’d seen that day that I decided to make some art of my own. The song I was listening to, Hotline Bling by Drake, inspired me to make a picture based on the lyrics. I felt like it turned out great so I tweeted it so all my friends could see it.

All the activities from that day drained all my energy so I decided to take a nap. I laid in bed and closed my eyes but as soon as I did, my phone got a notification. It was a text from my friend Chantel telling me that one of our mutual friends Cathy saw my artwork that I tweeted and said that it was horrible! Hearing that made me so sad that I cried myself to sleep and vowed to never attempt to do art again.

All About A Cool Tool

This assignment worth 3.5 stars required me to “find a cool, easy to use digital tool online!” and write a brief tutorial on how to use it.

Today’s tutorial will be on how to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. I have found this useful in many different assignments, specifically audio assignments. Lets get started!

First, search for  audio that you want to use from YouTube.


Next, select the video you want to use. This step is the most important.


From here, you need to copy the URL. In a new tab, open a YouTube to MP3 converter.  You can find tons of these on Google. This is the one I like to use.


Now, paste the URL from the video into the text box above where it says ‘Convert Video’.

After you’ve put the video URL in the box, hit ‘Convert Video’. This is what you should see.


Almost done! Select “Download” under the video information.


Once that’s done, you’ll have the video downloaded onto your desktop and from there you can do whatever you need with it. You can save it to use in other computer programs or to listen to it!





Storytelling within the Web


The IMBD page for The Notebook with a slightly different description.

The assignment had us change something about a preexisting web page to tell a story. I decided to change in IMBD page because it gives the description of a movie so I wanted to change it into my own story. Using X-Ray Goggles, I clicked the portion of text that I wanted to change then simply replaced the words that were there with what I wanted to say.

Here is the original version of the page.


Pack your bags, we’re taking a trip!

This assignment was really simple but I had a lot of fun doing it. For 3.5 stars, the assignment required me to create a Pinterest board and pin to it all things that reflected my dream vacation(s).


The pins on my vacation board range from Disney World to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to road-tripping across the United States. I know it’s only a matter of time before I make these dreams into realities. Traveling has always been something I’ve been interested in and I do plan to actually take all the trips I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board.

Some of the specific posts on my Pinterest are:

Travel guides for Disney World which is at the top of my list of dream vacations.


A guide on how to travel across the United States without spending a lot of money.


And lastly, a list of parks in Canada that are great vacation spots. I included this one because my dream is to travel outside the country and I figured it’d be start in the country closest to home, our neighbor to the north, Canada.



Weekly Summary 7&8

These two weeks went by so fast! All the work with the radio show made the days fly by but luckily my group stayed on top of things and everything was done on time. The process of working with audio has been fun and a learning experience. I’ve learned more about the features of Audacity and how to use them to produce different types of audio. After working with audio so much, I have realized that it actually isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. While it can be time consuming, once you know what you’re doing it isn’t difficult and there are so many tutorials on the internet that can help you with any problem you run into while working with audio.



  • Commercial

  • Bumper

  • Audio Assignments



The way I made the commercial is the same way I made the bumper. I started by recording the speaking part of the commercial.


I then added the sound clip that I got from this website. I shifted the voice audio to the middle of the sound clip which allowed me to have part of it be intro music and part of it be background music. The final step was to export the file and upload it to Soundcloud.