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Weekly Summary 13/14

This week was all about remixing, the ideas behind it, One of the most important thing learned about remixing and video projects in general is dealing with copyright. I have run into copyright issues through YouTube so I know  what it’s like to have to change the copyrighted materials in order for the video to be able to be on YouTube. Remix/mashup is a very unique form of media and I’ve seen it used most often in viral videos on social media websites. Before completing this week’s work I had no idea that a video dub of clips put together to make it seem like someone is singing the lyrics of a song would be considered a remix/ mashup. Like most people I know, when I thought of a remix the only thing that came to mind was a remix to a song. Now I know that remixes include other types of media and there a lot of technicalities involved in terms of copyright. Reflecting on the topic of copyright, I understand its importance.It wouldn’t be fair to the original content creator if you could just take their work to manipulate it to suit your needs without ever acknowledging them or the work they did. To put it simply, copyright is just a way to protect the work done by someone to keep it from being used without penalty by other people.

Here is where I explain remixing to my sister, who was familiar with song remixes but didn’t know much about other types of remixes. One of the simplest yer quirky assignments this week was the Remix Generator. The combination of assignment+remix that I had to do was so random but it easily worked. The mashup assignments were so fun! I’m glad I started early because I realized that mashup assignments aren’t necessarily the easiest or fastest things to complete but the end result is fun and makes the process worth it. I did 9 out of the 9 stars worth of mashup assignments and those can be found here,here, and here. The last assignment for this week was to do three daily creates.


Five Frames Reflection

The story I decided to tell through photos was of my most recent adventure with one of my favorite people, my dad.  I thought about creating a new story but I thought my skydiving pictures were descriptive enough to tell the whole story of that day. This is the most adventurous thing I have ever done and I love a good adrenaline rush. I enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to recount on a previous memory and tell the whole story without using words.

Appreciating A Past Story

The story I chose to focus on was the final project about the broke college student by Omar Aminzay. I like this story because even though its very short it uses multiple digital platforms to help tell the story. The title is what drew me in because I can relate to being a sophomore in college with money troubles.

I would consider it to be a digital story because not only does it include words but he added in an audio clip of a conversation, a visual image of an event in the story and a video to further explain his point. Given the Wikipedia definition of digital storytelling , Omar uses a couple of the elements to make his story a digital one by definition.

The story does have an arc being that the plot starts off with background information and it seems to go from one low point to another before finally reaching a high point at the end, which isn’t even too high of an ending point considering all he had to experience to get to that point. With the way this story ends I think it works on it’s own because it comes full circle and it tells all the obstacles he went through before reaching a solution to the initial problem.

What does ‘storytelling’ mean to me?

When I think of the word storytelling, many things come to mind. I think of telling a story using very descriptive words and captivating imagery to keep the audience engaged the entire time. I think of it as a more detailed way of telling something as opposed to strict repetition of memories. Storytelling is embellishment on a past occurrence without changing the facts.

Adding the word ‘digital’ to my concept of storytelling means telling the story using more resources other than words. It means using pictures, sounds, and videos to tell a story rather than just a verbal telling of the story. Digital storytelling makes it more memorable because it’s easier to remember small details if you have audio or visual representations of the key points of the story.