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Pack your bags, we’re taking a trip!

This assignment was really simple but I had a lot of fun doing it. For 3.5 stars, the assignment required me to create a Pinterest board and pin to it all things that reflected my dream vacation(s).


The pins on my vacation board range from Disney World to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to road-tripping across the United States. I know it’s only a matter of time before I make these dreams into realities. Traveling has always been something I’ve been interested in and I do plan to actually take all the trips I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board.

Some of the specific posts on my Pinterest are:

Travel guides for Disney World which is at the top of my list of dream vacations.


A guide on how to travel across the United States without spending a lot of money.


And lastly, a list of parks in Canada that are great vacation spots. I included this one because my dream is to travel outside the country and I figured it’d be start in the country closest to home, our neighbor to the north, Canada.



Show Bumper

This is the bumper I made for our radio show. I used Audacity to make and edit the bumper.

I first recorded the audio of myself talking.


Next, I found the sound effect clip I wanted to use. I found it on this website. I imported the sound clip to audacity so I could layer the audio together.


After this, all that was left to do was to cut the audio of the music to make sure it was the right length then I had to lower the volume of it so it could still be heard over the voice. The final step was to export the audio and upload it to Soundcloud.


Help Make Me Famous!

This assignment worth 2 stars was one of the most fun assignments I’ve done so far. I first had to find a Craigslist ad that would be the basis of my audio recording. Browsing through the different ads posted on Craigslist was a very interesting process.  The ad I chose was about gaining success on YouTube.


The Process

I started by recording myself reading the text of the Craigslist advertisement.


Next, I went to Google to find jazzy music to add to it, since that’s what the assignment required.


Once I found the one I wanted to use, I saved it to my computer and imported it into Audacity. This is the jazz track I decided to use and to save it to my computer I used a YouTube-MP3 converter, found here.


Adding in the second audio file created another layer so I muted the first one so I could edit the background track by itself. I changed the Gain to -36dB, which made it softer so that the voice recording audio could still be heard over it.


I played around with some of the effects for the background track and decided to have the beginning of it fade in. After that I used the time shift tool to move to audio recording so that it was at the end of the faded out portion of jazz. The final step was to cut out the rest of the jazz music since it would have made the rest of the track just music with no talking.


After that I just had to upload to Soundcloud and it was done.








Guess The Backwards Track


1: TV Show theme song

2: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross

3: Central Perk


For this audio assignment, worth 3 stars, we had to reverse the music for an audio file. I started by finding the audio clip on YouTube and downloading it. I then uploaded the clip onto Audicity so I could do the editing. friends1

The next step was to select the entire audio file to have the affect applied to it.


After selecting it all, I went into the effects menu and clicked the reverse option.


After that, the process was done. The audio was reversed and the file was exported to be uploaded onto Soundcloud.

Design Blitz



Apart from the sticker on the cover, the colors catch your attention. There are a lot of colors but they all go together and the title of the book, “Macroeconomics” is written in a thin black font to stand out from the other colors on the cover.



This canvas has more than one font. Part of it is written in cursive, others in a bold, block font and the rest in different variations of fonts. The spacing of the words isn’t uniform, some of the words are closer than others and the layout of the words is almost scattered.



The words at the top are dominant in comparison to the rest of the bottle. It’s centered in the middle of the bottle and the words are in two different fonts, making them stand out more. When you look at the bottle your eyes are first drawn to “Country Chic” before you look down to realize the other words printed on the bottle.



The design of the box as well as the insert that holds the watch is very simple, both a shade of brown. The minimalism of the box allows the watch to be the focal point and even the design of the watch is very minimal. Just a plain gold face with lines to represent the numbers inside. The box is more of a demonstration of minimalism because no matter what the watch looks like, it’ll always be the focus when contrasted with the box.

Love At First Shot

loveMarch 19, 2012

We were celebrating 4 years of being together. He planned an extravagant cruise ship  getaway for  just the two of us. After lunch we walked out onto the bow of the ship where there was no one else around so we could be alone. He held my hand and little did I know he’d gotten someone to take pictures of the entire moment. We got to the edge of the ship, he got down on one knee and that was the moment I knew this is who I would spend forever with.


How I Did It

For this assignment we had to use photo editing software to change something significant about a photo. I used to add one photo to another. I first had to make the background of the photo of the silhouettes transparent so I could add it to the photo of the ship. From that point I just had to layer the two and flatten them into one image.

Let’s Duel

Having to design a movie trading card (4 stars) I decided to use inspiration from one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump.


I started by gathering my images from Google. First I got a template of a blank Pokemon card and found the picture from the movie that I wanted to use. I put all the images in Pixlr then added the text to the card and that was all I had to do to create my own movie playing card!

Admit it, you did it

For this digital assignment, we had to make a suspect board(3.5 stars). Suspect

To create my suspect board I used because it is very similar to photoshop. All of the images used were found on Google(except for the photo of my mom and I) and I added them each as their own layer in pixlr. Once I had all the images and the text to go with them I flattened the image to make it all into one layer and I saved it to my desktop and the assignment was complete. It was a very interesting yet easy assignment to do!

Call When Needed

Although I do not have any services to offer at the moment, I have created a business card (2 stars)  for the time when I do need one.


The original assignment says to use Photoshop but I don’t have access to that so I used which is essentially the same.

I started with a plain white background because simplicity is the theme I’m going for in my useless business card. I went to Google to find some sort of design to add to the card to give it some pizzazz. The final step in the process was for me to add the words and easily enough, I had created my very own business card!

Always on the Move!

For my second digital assignment, I designed my own license plate(2 stars). The license plate I created reads ‘Ready to Go’ but I wrote it in the style you’d usually see a phrase written on a license plate.



I went to Google to find a website that would allow me to design a license plate and after browsing a few of the search results I decided to use which is a website that actually allows  people to design and purchase custom license plates but I only used the design feature of the website.


It starts with you choosing the design of the plate along with the size and color of it. I chose tire tread print because it went with the idea for the words I wanted to put on it.  I chose my color then hit the ‘Customize It’ button and it took me to the design page


I simply added my words and adjusted the size until I was satisfied with how it looked.