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Growing Up With Julia Roberts

This assignment required me to show the growth of an actor/actress through their different movie roles. The actress I chose was Julia Roberts because she’s been in so many great movies so I thought it would be fun to reflect on the different roles she’s had over the years.

How I Did It:

I started by looking up a list of Julia Roberts’ films. I then found movie clips from a few of them and downloaded them using a YouTube to MP4 converter. After I had all the movie clips I opened them individually in Movie Maker and trimmed them down to capture the main point in each clip. After that I added a text caption to each telling the title of the movie and the year it was released. The final step was to export the file to my desktop so I could embed it in my blog post.


Required Assignment

One of the options for the required video assignment was to create a video singing multiple parts of a song.

To make the video I used the Acapella app on my iPhone. Through the app I was prompted to sing two different parts of the song at different times then the final product was a combination of the two recordings. I chose to do a very simple song because the main point of this assignment was recording the two parts and that’s exactly what I did.

Facebook Narrative

Remembering what it was like to be in middle school is not something I like to do often. I was awkward and ugly, to put it simply. Having to look at old pictures from seventh grade through eleventh grade was a fun trip down memory lane but I never want to be that person again!


How I Did It:

This assignment was very simple, so simple I couldn’t figure out why it was rated 4 stars out of 5. The hardest part was having to get all the pictures together. I went through my Facebook and Myspace profiles to gather the most horrendous photos I could find from my adolescent years. I then went to Twitter and took screenshots of Tweets from 2013 to add into the slideshow. I put all the pictures into Windows Movie Maker and added music. I changed to duration of the pictures from 7 seconds to 5 so it wouldn’t be on one picture for too long. The last thing I did was add a transition animation to each picture and add captions to the ones I felt needed a little explanation. This was the easiest of the 5 assignments I did this week and it was definitely the most nostalgic!

Show Me How!

Watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is probably one of my favorite pastimes.  There are so many different ways to do your makeup and a wide variety of products that could be used.  In this video I decided to do a sped up video of how I do my makeup everyday.

This 4 star assignment was very simple. All it required was to show how to do something using a time-lapsed video.

How I Did It:

I first filmed the video using the camera on my iPhone. I then uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker. There wasn’t any editing that needed to be done in terms of trimming the footage so all I had to do was add the background music and save the finished video so it could be uploaded to YouTube.



Product Review

I have a secret obsession… I love watching YouTube videos about anything makeup or fashion related. I can spend hours going through all the different kinds of videos people have uploaded and most of the time if they’re good at raving about all the good things about a product, I will probably buy it. I haven’t always been into makeup but recently I’ve started to love it. It’s a way to express your creativity and put time and effort into your appearance. When this assignment gave me the chance to be a ‘beauty guru’ for the day, I excitedly took it!

This 3 star assignment was fun and simple. All I had to do was choose an item and make a video review of it. To go along with the makeup routine I posted earlier, I decided to review one of my favorite makeup products.

How I Did It:

After deciding what product I wanted to review, I used my iPhone to record the video. Once the video was recorded I used Movie Maker to edit out the parts of me starting and stopping the recording. I added a title and credits screen to the beginning and end, respectively. After this all that was left to do was to upload it to YouTube.


This is my story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you” -Maya Angelou

This assignment (3.5 stars) was one I’d seen done many times before. It required me to tell a story using flashcards. A lot of these types of videos I’ve seen are about sad topics or bad thing that have happened in someone’s life. While my video may not be me telling my deepest secret, its still a story that comes from my heart. I knew that I wanted mine to be about something happy and positive. It’s the beginning of the holiday season so I decided to make mine about that.

How I Did It:

I first started by writing the different statements on flashcards. I then recorded the video on my Iphone and uploaded it on my laptop. Using Movie Maker I trimmed the video to get rid of the movement in the beginning and the end which was when I was starting and stopping the recording on my phone. I then added music. The background music used in the beginning was supposed to be similar to the background music used in these kinds of videos. I then faded out the first sound clip and faded in a Christmas song to fit the theme of the rest of the video. The final step was to upload it to YouTube.


Countdown to Christmas

I consider November 1 to be the start of the holidays. Christmas is not only my favorite day but my favorite time of year. I get so caught up in buying gifts and spending all my time with the people closest to me. After all the running around that comes along with preparing for Christmas day, it’s good to unwind at the end of the day, cuddle up with your honey, and watch a good Christmas movie.

This assignment (4 stars) was a fun way to get into the Christmas Spirit! It required me to pick 25 Christmas movies and make a countdown using clips from these movies. Although it became harder and harder to think of more movies, I managed to pull together clips from 25 different movies and put them all together in this video.


How I Did It:

I found clips for all the movies on YouTube (links to the clips can be found in the list of movies used).  I then individually uploaded the clips to Windows Movie Maker and edited them down to short snippets of the movie clip. My goal was to have the entire video be 5 minutes or shorter, but I was unsuccessful and the final video was 6 minutes long, which isn’t too far off from my goal. Once I had the clips in order I went through and added the number and title of the movie in the upper left corner. The final step was to save the movie to my desktop and to upload it to YouTube.

25 snip

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Home Alone


The Santa Clause

Unaccompanied Minors 

Just Friends 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Christmas

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

A Charlie Brown Christmas 

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol

Frosty The Snowman 

Fred Claus 

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

A Christmas Story 

White Christmas 

The Muppet Christmas Carol 

The Polar Express 

Bad Santa 

The Mistle-Tones

The Year Without Santa Claus 

Jack Frost


Home Alone 2



Signing Words

This 4 star assignment required us to take a video of ourselves finger spelling a word that was bigger than 5 letters. I chose a short phrase that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

My thinking behind the assignment was that I’ve never done anything that involved using ASL so it would be interesting to learn something simple. To make the opening and closing sequences, I used windows Movie Maker. I didn’t do any special editing to the video other than adding the opening and credits.

All About A Cool Tool

This assignment worth 3.5 stars required me to “find a cool, easy to use digital tool online!” and write a brief tutorial on how to use it.

Today’s tutorial will be on how to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. I have found this useful in many different assignments, specifically audio assignments. Lets get started!

First, search for  audio that you want to use from YouTube.


Next, select the video you want to use. This step is the most important.


From here, you need to copy the URL. In a new tab, open a YouTube to MP3 converter.  You can find tons of these on Google. This is the one I like to use.


Now, paste the URL from the video into the text box above where it says ‘Convert Video’.

After you’ve put the video URL in the box, hit ‘Convert Video’. This is what you should see.


Almost done! Select “Download” under the video information.


Once that’s done, you’ll have the video downloaded onto your desktop and from there you can do whatever you need with it. You can save it to use in other computer programs or to listen to it!





Storytelling within the Web


The IMBD page for The Notebook with a slightly different description.

The assignment had us change something about a preexisting web page to tell a story. I decided to change in IMBD page because it gives the description of a movie so I wanted to change it into my own story. Using X-Ray Goggles, I clicked the portion of text that I wanted to change then simply replaced the words that were there with what I wanted to say.

Here is the original version of the page.