What do you want to do before you die?

The first visual assignment I did was the bucket list(3.5 stars).  The directions were very simple and I already knew four things I want to do so it was very easy to complete. I used the suggested website to make the collage. BeFunky Collage

The top thing on my bucket list is to go bungee jumping. I love anything adventurous that gives a good adrenaline rush. I have already been skydiving so I think that bungee jumping is the next outrageous thing I want to do.  The second thing I want to do is to visit Disney World. I feel like every child has or has wanted to visit Disney and I have not been yet so it’s definitely on my bucket list. The last two things I want are to travel the world and get married; in that order. I want to visit countries near and far and once I’ve seen all the world has to offer I’ll be ready to settle down and get married.

One thought on “What do you want to do before you die?”

  1. Hey Chantel!

    I am part of your project group 🙂
    The way you put your pictures together is pretty artistic. I like that you zoomed in on important parts like the hands in marriage or just the wing of the plane and not the entire thing. I want to try bungee jumping as well but I’m still too afraid.


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