This is my story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you” -Maya Angelou

This assignment (3.5 stars) was one I’d seen done many times before. It required me to tell a story using flashcards. A lot of these types of videos I’ve seen are about sad topics or bad thing that have happened in someone’s life. While my video may not be me telling my deepest secret, its still a story that comes from my heart. I knew that I wanted mine to be about something happy and positive. It’s the beginning of the holiday season so I decided to make mine about that.

How I Did It:

I first started by writing the different statements on flashcards. I then recorded the video on my Iphone and uploaded it on my laptop. Using Movie Maker I trimmed the video to get rid of the movement in the beginning and the end which was when I was starting and stopping the recording on my phone. I then added music. The background music used in the beginning was supposed to be similar to the background music used in these kinds of videos. I then faded out the first sound clip and faded in a Christmas song to fit the theme of the rest of the video. The final step was to upload it to YouTube.


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