Show Bumper

This is the bumper I made for our radio show. I used Audacity to make and edit the bumper.

I first recorded the audio of myself talking.


Next, I found the sound effect clip I wanted to use. I found it on this website. I imported the sound clip to audacity so I could layer the audio together.


After this, all that was left to do was to cut the audio of the music to make sure it was the right length then I had to lower the volume of it so it could still be heard over the voice. The final step was to export the audio and upload it to Soundcloud.


2 thoughts on “Show Bumper”

  1. I find the way you made you radio bumper interesting. Usually when I make something on Audacity i don’t get two lines of audio feed i just get one. I also prefer having music first, then recording my voice over the sound in oder to make sure my voice fits well on top of the music.

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