Product Review

I have a secret obsession… I love watching YouTube videos about anything makeup or fashion related. I can spend hours going through all the different kinds of videos people have uploaded and most of the time if they’re good at raving about all the good things about a product, I will probably buy it. I haven’t always been into makeup but recently I’ve started to love it. It’s a way to express your creativity and put time and effort into your appearance. When this assignment gave me the chance to be a ‘beauty guru’ for the day, I excitedly took it!

This 3 star assignment was fun and simple. All I had to do was choose an item and make a video review of it. To go along with the makeup routine I posted earlier, I decided to review one of my favorite makeup products.

How I Did It:

After deciding what product I wanted to review, I used my iPhone to record the video. Once the video was recorded I used Movie Maker to edit out the parts of me starting and stopping the recording. I added a title and credits screen to the beginning and end, respectively. After this all that was left to do was to upload it to YouTube.


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