Love At First Shot

loveMarch 19, 2012

We were celebrating 4 years of being together. He planned an extravagant cruise ship  getaway for  just the two of us. After lunch we walked out onto the bow of the ship where there was no one else around so we could be alone. He held my hand and little did I know he’d gotten someone to take pictures of the entire moment. We got to the edge of the ship, he got down on one knee and that was the moment I knew this is who I would spend forever with.


How I Did It

For this assignment we had to use photo editing software to change something significant about a photo. I used to add one photo to another. I first had to make the background of the photo of the silhouettes transparent so I could add it to the photo of the ship. From that point I just had to layer the two and flatten them into one image.

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