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This assignment worth 2 stars was one of the most fun assignments I’ve done so far. I first had to find a Craigslist ad that would be the basis of my audio recording. Browsing through the different ads posted on Craigslist was a very interesting process.  The ad I chose was about gaining success on YouTube.


The Process

I started by recording myself reading the text of the Craigslist advertisement.


Next, I went to Google to find jazzy music to add to it, since that’s what the assignment required.


Once I found the one I wanted to use, I saved it to my computer and imported it into Audacity. This is the jazz track I decided to use and to save it to my computer I used a YouTube-MP3 converter, found here.


Adding in the second audio file created another layer so I muted the first one so I could edit the background track by itself. I changed the Gain to -36dB, which made it softer so that the voice recording audio could still be heard over it.


I played around with some of the effects for the background track and decided to have the beginning of it fade in. After that I used the time shift tool to move to audio recording so that it was at the end of the faded out portion of jazz. The final step was to cut out the rest of the jazz music since it would have made the rest of the track just music with no talking.


After that I just had to upload to Soundcloud and it was done.








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