Facebook Narrative

Remembering what it was like to be in middle school is not something I like to do often. I was awkward and ugly, to put it simply. Having to look at old pictures from seventh grade through eleventh grade was a fun trip down memory lane but I never want to be that person again!



How I Did It:

This assignment was very simple, so simple I couldn’t figure out why it was rated 4 stars out of 5. The hardest part was having to get all the pictures together. I went through my Facebook and Myspace profiles to gather the most horrendous photos I could find from my adolescent years. I then went to Twitter and took screenshots of Tweets from 2013 to add into the slideshow. I put all the pictures into Windows Movie Maker and added music. I changed to duration of the pictures from 7 seconds to 5 so it wouldn’t be on one picture for too long. The last thing I did was add a transition animation to each picture and add captions to the ones I felt needed a little explanation. This was the easiest of the 5 assignments I did this week and it was definitely the most nostalgic!

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