Design Blitz



Apart from the sticker on the cover, the colors catch your attention. There are a lot of colors but they all go together and the title of the book, “Macroeconomics” is written in a thin black font to stand out from the other colors on the cover.



This canvas has more than one font. Part of it is written in cursive, others in a bold, block font and the rest in different variations of fonts. The spacing of the words isn’t uniform, some of the words are closer than others and the layout of the words is almost scattered.



The words at the top are dominant in comparison to the rest of the bottle. It’s centered in the middle of the bottle and the words are in two different fonts, making them stand out more. When you look at the bottle your eyes are first drawn to “Country Chic” before you look down to realize the other words printed on the bottle.



The design of the box as well as the insert that holds the watch is very simple, both a shade of brown. The minimalism of the box allows the watch to be the focal point and even the design of the watch is very minimal. Just a plain gold face with lines to represent the numbers inside. The box is more of a demonstration of minimalism because no matter what the watch looks like, it’ll always be the focus when contrasted with the box.

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