Weekly Summary 13/14

This week was all about remixing, the ideas behind it, One of the most important thing learned about remixing and video projects in general is dealing with copyright. I have run into copyright issues through YouTube so I know  what it’s like to have to change the copyrighted materials in order for the video to be able to be on YouTube. Remix/mashup is a very unique form of media and I’ve seen it used most often in viral videos on social media websites. Before completing this week’s work I had no idea that a video dub of clips put together to make it seem like someone is singing the lyrics of a song would be considered a remix/ mashup. Like most people I know, when I thought of a remix the only thing that came to mind was a remix to a song. Now I know that remixes include other types of media and there a lot of technicalities involved in terms of copyright. Reflecting on the topic of copyright, I understand its importance.It wouldn’t be fair to the original content creator if you could just take their work to manipulate it to suit your needs without ever acknowledging them or the work they did. To put it simply, copyright is just a way to protect the work done by someone to keep it from being used without penalty by other people.

Here is where I explain remixing to my sister, who was familiar with song remixes but didn’t know much about other types of remixes. One of the simplest yer quirky assignments this week was the Remix Generator. The combination of assignment+remix that I had to do was so random but it easily worked. The mashup assignments were so fun! I’m glad I started early because I realized that mashup assignments aren’t necessarily the easiest or fastest things to complete but the end result is fun and makes the process worth it. I did 9 out of the 9 stars worth of mashup assignments and those can be found here,here, and here. The last assignment for this week was to do three daily creates.


Explaining Remixing

Before getting started on my own remix assignments, I had to make sure I understood what a remix is. Everyone has heard of remixes to songs but there are more types of remixes than just music. For me, I learn best through example and the remix examples I viewed for more understanding were this video dub, this lip dub, and this mashup that combined two different videos. Remixes are a very creative concept because through changing an original media and adding something or changing it produces something totally new and different. It can make you look at things in a different way to see all of the different things you can produce from one song or video or whatever it is that you’re remixing.

Once I felt like I had a good enough understanding I explained it to my sister. The example I showed her was the Obama Singing Call Me Maybe.



For the remix assignment, the generator had me add country music to an already existing video of a product review which was the original assignment. The original I used was done on the history of movie production cameras.

The country music I used was found on YouTube. For this easy assignment all I did was download the original video and open it in Movie Maker. After that I muted the volume of the video because the original did have background music and I didn’t want that to interfere with the country music track i had to put with it. I then added the country music instrumental and saved the video with the new background music.


Growing Up With Julia Roberts

This assignment required me to show the growth of an actor/actress through their different movie roles. The actress I chose was Julia Roberts because she’s been in so many great movies so I thought it would be fun to reflect on the different roles she’s had over the years.

How I Did It:

I started by looking up a list of Julia Roberts’ films. I then found movie clips from a few of them and downloaded them using a YouTube to MP4 converter. After I had all the movie clips I opened them individually in Movie Maker and trimmed them down to capture the main point in each clip. After that I added a text caption to each telling the title of the movie and the year it was released. The final step was to export the file to my desktop so I could embed it in my blog post.


Emoji Mashup

For this assignment you are to take a picture of one of your friends or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji and then mash them together for comparison.


Being an iPhone user and an avid texter, I’ve become obsessed with emojis! The latest iPhone software update included a lot of new emojis and this is one of my favorite.


How I Did It:

This assignment was very simple. All I had to do was find an emoji then take a picture of someone recreating it. The person I used to make the face was my brother and the emoji I used was the rolling eyes. He’s always rolling his eyes at me whenever I ask him for something so I though he was the perfect person to use for this! I took the picture of my brother on my iPhone. To get the picture of the emoji to be bigger I used the app Phonto.


Next, I used the app Picstitch to put the emoji and the recreation side by side. All I had to do was choose the photos from my Camera Roll and re-size them once I put them in the frame.


Actor Transformation

Okay so we all watch actors change roles and character. It’s crazy to see what they were like in the beginning of their career compared to now. Find a actor or actress and use film clips to show a metamorphosis.

The actress I chose to base this assignment on was Miranda Cosgrove. She is best known for her roles in the hit Nickelodeon TV series Drake and Josh and ICarly.  In my video of her transformation I started with a clip for Drake and Josh which is a compilation of her pulling pranks on her family members, which is something she did each episode. Miranda was 11 when she was featured on Drake and Josh. A few years later, she played the main character in ICarly when she was 14. The second clip I used was from an episode of ICarly. The final clip I used in the video to show her transformation was an interview from October 2014. At this point in time, Miranda Cosgrove is in school working towards earning her degree in film. Although I only used three video clips I think they accurately show her transformation. The video starts with her in her first major TV role and it ends with her grown up and talking about her education and the future of her career.

How I Did It:

I started by gathering the video clips, all which I found on YouTube. Once I converted them to MP4, I downloaded each clip onto my desktop so that I could open them all in Movie Maker. Once they were all in Movie Maker, I used the trim tool to make them shorter to capture the central theme of each clip. Once I had them all together the final step was to just save it to my desktop so that it could be embedded to this post. It was a very simple process that used basic video editing skills.


Required Assignment

One of the options for the required video assignment was to create a video singing multiple parts of a song.

To make the video I used the Acapella app on my iPhone. Through the app I was prompted to sing two different parts of the song at different times then the final product was a combination of the two recordings. I chose to do a very simple song because the main point of this assignment was recording the two parts and that’s exactly what I did.

Weekly Summary 11/12

I cannot believe it’s already the end of week twelve! These past two weeks have dragged on but it’s finally the time to submit another weekly summary. I was excited to see what was required these past two weeks because it wasn’t a lot of tedious reading assignments. It was strictly videos (and the usual daily creates) and I really liked that.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos so having to do video assignments for the week felt like I got to play Youtuber for a few days. I learned the importance of lighting and the crucial role is plays in video making. All of my videos were filmed in my bathroom because I felt like it had the best lighting compared to the dim lamp in my room or the lack of natural lighting during daylight. I also learned that Windows Movie Maker isn’t the best editing software. It’s very limited in what it can do but it was enough for me to complete these assignments.  The whole process of filming, editing and uploading has inspired me to start a YouTube channel of my own at some point. I recently got the new Iphone 6s and the camera quality is wonderful. It’s what I used to record all of the videos for my assignments and I’m impressed with the quality of the finished product.

Each of the assignments essentially required me to tell a story but through different means, whether it was recording myself, putting video clips together or making a video of pictures. It was an experience doing all of these because I’ve never made videos like this before so I was learning so many new things.

Video Assignments: 1,2,3,4,5 (18/16 stars)

Required Assignment 

The 6 Daily Creates from the past two weeks.


Facebook Narrative

Remembering what it was like to be in middle school is not something I like to do often. I was awkward and ugly, to put it simply. Having to look at old pictures from seventh grade through eleventh grade was a fun trip down memory lane but I never want to be that person again!


How I Did It:

This assignment was very simple, so simple I couldn’t figure out why it was rated 4 stars out of 5. The hardest part was having to get all the pictures together. I went through my Facebook and Myspace profiles to gather the most horrendous photos I could find from my adolescent years. I then went to Twitter and took screenshots of Tweets from 2013 to add into the slideshow. I put all the pictures into Windows Movie Maker and added music. I changed to duration of the pictures from 7 seconds to 5 so it wouldn’t be on one picture for too long. The last thing I did was add a transition animation to each picture and add captions to the ones I felt needed a little explanation. This was the easiest of the 5 assignments I did this week and it was definitely the most nostalgic!