Admit it, you did it

For this digital assignment, we had to make a suspect board(3.5 stars). Suspect

To create my suspect board I used because it is very similar to photoshop. All of the images used were found on Google(except for the photo of my mom and I) and I added them each as their own layer in pixlr. Once I had all the images and the text to go with them I flattened the image to make it all into one layer and I saved it to my desktop and the assignment was complete. It was a very interesting yet easy assignment to do!

Call When Needed

Although I do not have any services to offer at the moment, I have created a business card (2 stars)  for the time when I do need one.


The original assignment says to use Photoshop but I don’t have access to that so I used which is essentially the same.

I started with a plain white background because simplicity is the theme I’m going for in my useless business card. I went to Google to find some sort of design to add to the card to give it some pizzazz. The final step in the process was for me to add the words and easily enough, I had created my very own business card!

Always on the Move!

For my second digital assignment, I designed my own license plate(2 stars). The license plate I created reads ‘Ready to Go’ but I wrote it in the style you’d usually see a phrase written on a license plate.



I went to Google to find a website that would allow me to design a license plate and after browsing a few of the search results I decided to use which is a website that actually allows  people to design and purchase custom license plates but I only used the design feature of the website.


It starts with you choosing the design of the plate along with the size and color of it. I chose tire tread print because it went with the idea for the words I wanted to put on it.  I chose my color then hit the ‘Customize It’ button and it took me to the design page


I simply added my words and adjusted the size until I was satisfied with how it looked.


DS106 Post Secret

As a lover and avid reader of I was excited to see this as one of the design assignments.

The assignment, worth 2 stars tells us to create a DS106 Post Secret card. Knowing the typical style of Post Secret cards, I started with two separate photos and I used Pixlr to merge the two photos into one.


After coming up with an idea for my postcard I found an image of a psychology textbook on Google and opened that in Pixlr as my background layer.

I then physically wrote out my ‘secret’ on a note card and took a picture of it on my IPhone and saved it to my computer. The next step was for me to open the image of the note card in Pixlr and merge the two photos together. This is the part where I ran into some trouble so I went to Google to get help. This is the video tutorial I used to create a single image out of the two photos.

After solving the problem, I used the crop tool to clean everything up and I saved my image as a JPEG. Here is the final product:


The problem I had when doing this assignment was that I couldn’t figure out how to re-size just a single layer of the photo and not the two layers together. The video tutorial I watched was very helpful and I realized that all I had to do was use the Free Transform tool to change the size of the active layer.


Daily Creates

September 29, 2015

Draw Something You Bought Today

Having been battling a cold for the past few days the only thing I bought today was some medicine. The photo I drew was inspired by my box of DayQuil and  I used Microsoft Paint to create this image.

September 30, 2015

Upside down day!

This was very simple. All I did was take a picture with my IPhone and rotate it to make it upside down, which was the requirement of the assignment.

October 2, 2015

What can you see through the window

October 3, 2015


A short poem I wrote for today’s daily create. Not many words but a lot of feelings behind it.