Weekly Summary 5

This week’s photography assignments were fun. Starting with the 3 visual assignments I did, I chose Apophenia9 Lives, and Bucket List. Those were all very interesting to do.

The daily creates for this week were interesting and mine can be found here.

I just recently found out my group for the radio project so today I commented on two posts on each of their blogs. My comments on Mitchell’s blog are here and here. On Benjamin’s blog I commented on this and this visual assignment. For Rachel’s posts I left a comment on her visual assignment and this one. Tori’s assignment was very interesting, as well as this one.

My photoblitz assignment was one of my favorite. It was challenging but it showed me different elements of photography and how to capture specific things.


I took the suggestions to spice up my flickr. I go into detail about the changes I made in this post.

This week definitely came with some challenges. The first challenge was that I didn’t find out about my radio show group until this morning so I had to get caught up with everything included in that. The second challenge came when trying to embed a flicker photostream into my blog. I don’t know if I’ve done it correctly at this point but I followed multiple different tutorials and ended with the same results each time. I learned that when completing photography assignments, it’s important to look at things with an open mind and be open to many different interpretations of one thing. I did enjoy the photography theme of this week a lot more than I liked the audio from last week. Even the visual assignments we had to do were more fun than the audio ones from last week. I would have enjoyed doing more than eight stars worth of visual assignments because when looking at all the different choices there were many that stood out to me. Getting feedback from group members was very helpful and I think it will be good working with these individuals on the radio project. All in all, this was a very good week in ds106 and I’m excited to see what next week brings!


Just a Little Imagination

For the assignment Apophenia(3.5 stars) we were instructed to imagine different versions of everyday item. Being that I did this assignment at my desk, the first thing I found was a pen. ds

This is the original photo I used before letting my imagination transform something so boring into something fun.

Using pixlr.com I made different objects out of this simple pen.


This website had many different tools to choose from on the left panel so that’s what I used to complete the assignment.

The first thing I imagined was a flag ds flag

and the second thing was a watermelonds watermelon

I used the brush, paint fill and erasing tools to create these and it was all very simple.

Like A Cat

This assignment was such a fun trip down memory lane. The prompt, called 9 Lives(2 stars) instructed, “Find nine photos of yourself in different stages of your life. Turn them into a little collage, showing how many changes you’ve gone through over the years. Change is good, so have fun with it!”

9 lives

The photos show me at various stages in my life, starting from age 1 and ending at this past summer. This is the website I used to make the collage.

What do you want to do before you die?

The first visual assignment I did was the bucket list(3.5 stars).  The directions were very simple and I already knew four things I want to do so it was very easy to complete. I used the suggested website to make the collage. BeFunky Collage

The top thing on my bucket list is to go bungee jumping. I love anything adventurous that gives a good adrenaline rush. I have already been skydiving so I think that bungee jumping is the next outrageous thing I want to do.  The second thing I want to do is to visit Disney World. I feel like every child has or has wanted to visit Disney and I have not been yet so it’s definitely on my bucket list. The last two things I want are to travel the world and get married; in that order. I want to visit countries near and far and once I’ve seen all the world has to offer I’ll be ready to settle down and get married.

Flickr Pimping

I looked at the suggestions to spice up my flickr and I did most of them. The first one I did was customizing my URL. wk5

I also posted through my email which I though was a very cool feature of flickr. The photo I uploaded this way was just a random photo I took of a canvas with a quote painted onto it.


I set up sharing for my Twitter account so now all my flickr posts will be uploaded to my Twitter.

I created my Best Set of photos which I like to call Selfies and Scenery because that’s all it is. The selfies in the set were taken on days that are very significant to me and the scenery included is of the sunset taken over the water in my hometown and the other was taken in Central Park the first time I visited New York City.

To embed my photostream into a post, I went to Google to find a website that would show me how to do it. This is the one I used and it gives step by step instructions on how to embed a flickr photostream into a blog post.






This assignment was a lot of fun! I chose to do this in my room because there is such a variety of objects in there that I thought it wouldn’t be too hard trying to find things to take photos of for each different thing. The time limit made it more of a challenge because I wanted to be as creative as possible but I had to keep in mind that I only had twenty minutes to get it all done. The photos are all in a flickr  album but I have included them individually to describe what they represent.


The only significance of the first photo is to show the time stamp when I started.


An open door to represent the feeling of “openness”

Someone else's hand

Someone else’s hand

Unusual angle

An upside down photo is a quite unusual angle

Dark tones

The contents of my closet which emphasize mostly dark tones

Two things that don't go

The final photo is two things that don’t go together ; an athletic build and a dainty lace dress. This one also includes the time stamp to show that I finished in 20 minutes.

My favorites would have to be the photo that emphasizes mostly dark tones and two things that do not belong together. I tend to wear a lot of dark colors so that accurately shows the contents of my closet which has an emphasis on dark tones. For two things that do not belong together, it took me a while to think of things that don’t “belong together”. I though of strange food pairings but I thought of fashion because I have a passion for fashion. I knew the outfit of the dress with the sneakers did not belong together but I wanted to take it one step further and have my very muscular girlfriend put on the dress to show that the dress didn’t “belong” on her.


When looking at other people’s photoblitz I found a few of them to be very interesting.  Stephanie King’sBenjamin Brady’s, and Miles Davis’.





This Week’s Daily Creates

Monday, September 21, “Print All Over Me!”

For this daily create we had to make an idiom into a print so I chose the idiom of “wearing my heart on my sleeve”. That idiom was very simple to visually portray so I simply added a heart to my sleeve in the photo to express that.

Saturday, September 26, “Artsy photo or not?”

This was my favorite daily create from this week. I thought it was very creative to add an Instagram screenshot onto a background, making the two blend together. I used two photos I had from a summer trip to the beach and created my own “artsy photo”.

Sunday, September 27, “Design your own road sign”

In preparation to making my own road sign, I looked at a guide to British road signs. My road sign is inspired by their sign for two-way traffic.


Weekly Summary 4

Summarize the key points you learned about audio storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos.

The first part of this weeks assignments included learning about audio storytelling from the perspective of Ira Glass ad Jad Abumrad. Ira Glass starts off by saying it’s important to notice the building blocks of a story and the two basic building blocks of audio stories are the anecdote and the moment of reflection. The point of the anecdote is to consistently raise questions and answer them and that keeps the listeners engaged. The moment of reflection comes at the end and that tells the point of the story. He says that a good story needs to have both of those elements in order to keep the listeners’ attention throughout the story.

Jad Abumrad gives his perspective on the benefits of radio lacking pictures. He says that the lack of pictures allows people to paint their own mental image using someone else’s words. And through this, a sense of empathy is created because it’s people working together to tell stories and have mental images to supplement the words of those stories.

Radio Story

The radio  story I listened to was about getting into college and it started off with Ira Glass interviewing incoming freshmen at Columbia University. Taking note of how hard it is to get accepted he asks various students what they did to get in and the gave a range of answers from having good SAT scores to being ethnically diverse but they say that those are just guesses, and they don’t actually know hoe they got in. The next segment features him talking to an admissions director at Georgia Tech and discussing recent tactics of parents of student’s to get their child accepted into the school. When switching from one segment(or Act as they’re called) to the next, there is transitional music being played so it’s not a direct switch from one topic to the next. There is also background music being played in some parts and I think that helps keeps the listeners engaged and not bored of just hearing continuous talking. The use of more than one person talking also helps with engagement because if it were just one person speaking the entire time it would be easy for listeners to zone out.

Audio Assignments

The first audio assignment I did was the radio bumper. This was the easiest of the audio assignments because it was short and not a lot of  effects or editing was required to do it.

The second audio assignment was the village greeting. This one took a little longer to do because I wrote out a script of what I wanted to say before I recorded anything. It was fun to play around with different editing tools and the sound effects in Audacity.

Daily Creates

The daily creates I did this week were 5 flickr photos,emophotoconcrete poetry, and an old photo.


The comments I received on my work this week were on the daily creates and those comments were from people telling me they looked my take on the assignment. From looking at other people’s blogs I saw the different ways the assignments could be done. I also liked seeing the different audio assignments people did since we only chose 3 to do.

Weekly Summary/Complaints 

This week the biggest thing I learned was how to use Audacity and all the tools it has. I used Audacity to complete the audio assignments for the week so I had to get used to using the program and even learning how to simply save it on my computer and upload it to soundcloud was a lesson itself. I also liked that we got to choose what audio assignments we did for the week because there were so many and they were all very different so it was hard to get bored or feel like it was repeating the same assignment three times. My one complaint for the week was having to watch the videos explaining audio storytelling. I didn’t feel like those helped in completing this week’s assignments. Other than that I felt like this week was not difficult at all and the assignments were very engaging.


Ds106 Radio Bumper

For the first audio assignment I created my own ds106 radio bumper.

The process was fairly simple. I downloaded Audacity onto my computer and through that I made my sound clip. I first recorded what I wanted to say for this short assignment then I went back through and edited out the long chunks of silence and muted the loud background noises. This was easy to do and it didn’t take a lot of time to do it!